Civil Law

Civil law handles disputes between individuals, groups, or business entities. If you are involved in any type of civil case in North Carolina, it is essential that you have the guidance and support of an attorney who can help you understand all of the aspects and implications of your case, the options available to you, and who can help you make informed decisions about how to proceed. Attorney Archie can provide the skilled and capable legal representation you need to navigate through any legal dispute, whether it concerns a state or federal matter.

Legal Counsel for Clients in Civil Cases throughout North Carolina

Generally, in civil litigation matters, legal issues are brought before the courts to settle conflicts, seek justice for a perceived wrong through monetary damages or with court orders for specific performance or to ensure that a contract or agreement is honored. These types of matters can involve disputes between individuals based on accidents, negligence, slander, libel, contracts, real estate, property, wills, trusts, estate administration, inheritances, fiduciary duty, family law, environmental law, commercial and business law, and a wide variety of other areas.

As in any legal matter, your choice for legal representation can be a crucial one. The attorney you choose to represent you can make a significant difference in how your case is developed and resolved, whether through negotiation outside of the courtroom or through litigation inside the courtroom. Experience and commitment are important factors in any professional area; in civil law, they are especially so. That is why we encourage you to contact our firm to schedule a consultation with Attorney Archie to find out how effective we can be in the management of your civil case.

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