Family Law

Counsel for Family Law and Divorce Cases in North Carolina

Legal matters involving the family and domestic relations are among the most difficult and challenging for all involved. Whether you are involved in a divorce, a child custody battle, a dispute concerning child support, alimony, or a domestic violence situation, you may be facing some tough, distressing, and emotionally-charged issues. These deeply personal matters require the experience and skills of an attorney who can assess what is best needed to resolve the situation effectively and efficiently. Your case may need aggressive litigation in the courtroom or sensitive negotiation or mediation outside the courtroom. Careful consideration of what is best for all involved may be required, in terms of emotional stress, financial cost, and timely resolution so that all parties can move forward with their lives.

Attorney Archie understands the unique challenges and nature of family law matters. We offer comprehensive legal help to those undergoing a divorce, whether a simple, uncontested matter or a contested one involving complex financial and property issues, child custody, support, and visitation issues, and other important details connected with ending a marriage. Our firm is one who will help you find the most effective way to resolve your divorce issues, using all of the available legal tools and methods for doing so. Our goal is to ensure that your divorce or other family law matter is handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. We work hard to protect all of your legal rights while maintaining the legal benefits to which you are entitled.

We handle pending divorce cases, resolving division of marital property and non-marital property, child custody, child support, and spousal maintenance. We also handle post-divorce matters involving child custody or visitation disputes, parental relocations, child support and maintenance modifications, as well as protective orders in domestic violence cases. If you have a legal issue involving any aspect of the family, we recommend that you contact our firm to speak to Attorney Archie about your situation. We will take the time to understand your needs and the legal aspects of your case so that we can advise you and help you move forward with appropriate legal action.

Contact Attorney Archie for dedicated legal representation in a divorce or other family law matter today.

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